GDPR-ID - form for requesting personal data via BankID

Via the web-based form, you can easily ascertain who made a personal data request
With our web service GDPR-ID , your customers can easily fill out a GDPR request online and identify themselves with Mobile BankID. The only thing you as a company need to do is provide your customers with a company-unique link.
The service is completely integration-free and we set up an online form with your logo. When a request is received, a notification email is sent to you that lets you log in with BankID and see the entire request.
1. The customer receives a unique link to a customized form via the company’s website.
2. The customer fills in all the information, opens their BankID and IDs themselves in otder to send the form.
flow3 (1)
3. The company receives a notification via e-mail and can log in to see the received form messages.
No integration or development required. IDentisure creates forms and links on our own server.
The company’s administrator logs in with BankID to see incoming messages, and can also delete the log.
With our additional service Secure Messages, the company can also respond to incoming requests in accordance with GDPR.

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