Know who you are communicating with

Identisure provides services where your company can easily verify the identity of customers during, for example, phone calls with BankID. No integration required.


Safe and simple identification of customers remotely via phone or chat. An integration-free web-based service.


Do you need signed micro-agreements or powers of attorney directly over the phone? TeleSign solves this – an integration-free service, ready to use right out of the box.


With our web-based form, your customers can make a GDPR request and sign with BankID, for simple and secure identification of the sender.


Via Safemail, the company can respond to incoming GDPR requests, or send messages that require BankID for reading, i.e. cases where the identity of the recipient is ensured.


We create customized web forms that the user signs with BankID. Completely integration-free and the company gets a unique branded link.


Identisure private lets you verify another private individual’s identity via our app or web service. The recipient only needs BankID.


Identisure provides a JSON/REST API for authentication at login or verification for your own implementation. Your own certificate included.

We liked the simplicity of the implementation for the product we needed authentication capability for the customer. Read more
Pierre Gardell
With TeleID, we can now easily communicate with our calling customers. It has made our work a lot easier. Read more
Johanna Linder
Today, we can help our patients directly over the phone after a simple identification with BankID. Read more
Forma Vita
Carl Westerby

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Increased customer satisfaction and reduced administration

Identisure's web services give your company the tools you need for safe and secure customer communication


A simplified and fast process for customer contact leads to increased customer satisfaction and a safer experience.


Reduced administration and faster processing are some of the advantages of Identisure’s services.


Communication with your customers will be secure via our integration-free web-based services, via BankID.

Know who you are communicating with

Safety online is an important issue that is becoming increasingly important as online shopping and peer2peer operations are constantly increasing.

With Identisure's customized solutions, companies and individuals can easily verify the identity of people both over the phone or online via BankID.

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