Advisa - why we chose Identisure

Advisa uses Identisure's API-servive for their own integration in their system, and have been a valued client for about 2 years.
- Why did you choose Identisure as your provider?
We liked the simplicity of the implementation for the product where we needed authentication function for the customer. We thought the price was good too
- How did your developers perceive the technical specs from Identisure?
Good overview of the entire process. We liked it.
- What kind of value did the sig-up process with BankID create for you?
It has enabled us to offer an insurance product to our customers in our digital product while making it easier for our customers to convert.
- Are you able to see the result of this value?
The fact that we can offer this product to our customers contributes to a better overall offer, as many customers associate loans and some form of payment protection with each other. This creates a more complete customer experience, which results in more and more satisfied customers.

On individuals can compare loans and credits. For more information on Advisa and their services, visit

Via our clear API documentation, your own integration becomes a simple step in the development process.
Identisure handles the entire certification process to BankID and the time from contract to start is about one week.
We also provide a company-unique certificate so that the company’s name appears in the display when the customers identify themselves with BankID.

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