- Why we chose Identisure

Åhléns uses Identure's services TeleID, GDPR-ID och Secure Messages.
- What needs dig Åhléns have that lead you to contact Identisure?
With the introduction of GDPR, we wanted to protect our members’ personal data in a good way and at the same time make it easy for the customers and for Customer Service. The big challenge was to verify that we had contact with the right person by phone, now we can directly do an ID-check of a person in the conversation. Quick and easy!
- How did you experience the buying process and Identisure as the provider in this?
Identisure, as a company, are very responsive to our needs and everything works very quick and easy.
- In what way have the services Secure Messages and TeleID facilitated the conversation between Customer services and your customers?
We can help them right away and the same time know that we’re giving information to the right person. We have also reduced the spread of personal data this way.
- How likely are you to recommend Identisure as provider for other companies within the ”network”?
Very likely.

The family business Åhléns was founded in 1899 in Insjön and is today one of the strongest brands in Sweden, with 57 department stores in Sweden and e-commerce via åhlens.se.

No integration or development is required at the company as our services are web-based.
Identisure handles the entire process and the time from contract to start is about one week.
We provide a company-unique certificate so that the company’s name appears in the display at identification.

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