Forma Vita- why we chose Identisure

The beauty clinic Forma Vita uses the service TeleID to check a patient's identity in case of phone contact.
- What were your needs that lead you to contacting Identisure?
Just as other clinics in our industry, a large part of our communication with patients takes place via telephone. We could answer general questions about treatments, but when it came to personal information and personal data, we needed a flexible way to first be able to ensure the patient’s identity. It was and is very important to us that our patients can feel safe in our handling of personal data and that we share sensitive information only with the right person.
- In what way has TeleID facilitated communication with your patients?
Before using TeleID, the patient had to visit our clinics to access personal information. or we sent this via regular mail to their civil registration address. This was cumbersome for the patient and took unnecessary time for our employees to deal with. Today, we can help our patients directly over the phone, after a simple identification via BankID.
- How do your patients feel about identification via BankID when contacting you?
We have received very positive response from our patients who appreciate our sense of responsibility, and that identification is such a simple process.
We’ve also had patients coming to our clinics without their ID, which previously led to us being forced to reschedule their treatment. Now we can instead use TeleID to identify them on the spot, which means the patient does not have to wait for a next appointment.
- How do you see the need and development in your industry for similar services?
In our industry, patient safety and privacy are extremely important. We can see that our industry colleagues also prioritize this, but that their handling can sometimes be a bit complicated and dated with, for example, USB sticks with posted before/after pictures. There is a lot left to do in our industry regarding digitization.

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No integration or development is required at the company as TeleID is a web-based service and ready to use, right out of the box.
We also provide a company-unique certificate so that the company’s name appears in the display when the customers identify themselves with BankID.
The company’s administrator gets access to performed identifications via BankID login.

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